• Ryan Torrens

Happy 4th of July! - New Consumer Protection Newsletter

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you all have had a chance to step aside from the everyday stresses to spend some time with family and friends, and to celebrate our nation's independence.

Many thanks to those of you who supported my campaign for Florida Attorney General. Though we did not win the election, we ran a hard-fought, grassroots campaign with a strong message of putting Florida's consumers first again. Thank you for supporting our cause of kicking out the special interests and putting the people in charge of the attorney general's office again.

It is unfortunate that as I write this to you, Florida still does not have a real consumer advocate. But like I said in my concession speech, we cannot simply throw our hands up and give up. There is too much at stake. We must keep fighting.

I am not running for public office this cycle, but feel compelled to do everything I can, as a private citizen, to keep our people informed about their consumer rights. Many of you know I am a consumer protection attorney and spend my days fighting banks trying to foreclose on my clients' homes and fighting other corporations and debt collectors that are trying to rip off our people.

I am starting a consumer protection email list, and this is the very first email. I will be personally writing these emails and will not be asking anything of you. These emails are not to solicit contributions or to ask for anything else from you. The emails will simply be a service so I can do my part in keeping our people informed of their rights and legal developments that may impact them and their families. For example, what can you do if you notice you have errors on your credit report? How do you get that fixed? What if your mortgage company has made an error on your account? What do you do about that? These consumer issues impact thousands of Floridians every day and I'm going to do my part to help, even as a private attorney and private citizen.

Of course, this list is purely voluntary and feel free to unsubscribe by clicking the link below. I hope you'll stick around and I sure hope the information I provide can become an important public service. My next email will be focused on steps you can take to ensure the accuracy of your credit report.

Thank you again and I hope you all have a great evening.


Ryan Torrens

Disclaimer: The information provided in this email does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available in this email is for general informational purposes only.


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