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1. You only have 20 calendar days to respond to a foreclosure lawsuit. If you do not respond within 20 calendar days of being served, you risk losing your case by default.

2. If you have been served with a foreclosure lawsuit, do not call the bank. Call a foreclosure defense lawyer.

3. Your written response to the lawsuit must raise legally sound defenses to the foreclosure or you can waive your defenses. Do not simply write a letter explaining your hardship. 

4. There are defenses available to you besides payment. Banks are required to provide you with certain notices prior to suing you and the bank must prove it has the rights to the Note. There are also certain certifications that must be in compliance with the law. There are other defenses available as well. Just like any other lawsuit, the bank must prove its case. A good foreclosure defense lawyer will make the bank prove its case. 

5. If you have been served with foreclosure papers you need to focus on the Court case. Do not call the bank and if you have already done so, do not listen to what they tell you. Remember - the bank is suing you.  The bank is not your friend. Keep your focus on the litigation, which is what is taking place in Court. This is how you fight the bank and keep you and your family in your home. The folks at the bank do not understand litigation and are not lawyers. 

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With the economic collapse, the issue of creditor harassment has truly come to the forefront. Many consumers were forced to fall behind on their bills due to job loss and general economic hardship.

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